Milie Organics is a Hobart-based skin care brand that places a strong emphasis on using organic ingredients in its products. When designing the brand's website, it is important to highlight this aspect of the company and create a design that reflects the brand's commitment to natural and sustainable beauty.

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The website should have a clean and minimalist design, with a color scheme that reflects the earthy and organic nature of the brand. Shades of green, brown, and white can be used to create a natural and calming atmosphere. The use of high-quality images of natural ingredients, such as herbs and flowers, also help reinforce the organic theme.
Hemp Balancing Facial Oil natural ingredients list
Kunzea Essential Oil
Brightening Eye Cream Seaweed Coffee Natural Ingredients label

website design

The website's layout should be simple and easy to navigate, with clear categories for each product line. It's important to provide detailed information about the organic ingredients used in each product, including their benefits for the skin. This information is presented in a visually appealing way with the use of clean imagery.
milie device mockup of graphic design concepts for the online shop

online shopping

To reinforce the brand's commitment to sustainability, the website also features information on the company's eco-friendly packaging and production methods. This is presented in a dedicated section of the website and incorporated into product descriptions. Overall, the Milie Organics website conveys the brand's message of natural and organic beauty, while providing a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience for customers.
Charcoal Face Wash With Southern Rosalina ingredients
Charcoal Face Wash With Southern Rosalina front
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